25 January 2011

Multimedia: Mackey Arena Time Lapse

Here's the time-lapse from last Wednesday's Purdue basketball game against Penn State, for those who haven't seen it:

This project was a collaborative effort between me and Andy Hancock. The time lapse's various segments were photographed throughout the day and into the evening by myself and Andy, beginning several hours before the game and continuing until an hour or so afterwards.  Several of the shots in the video come from remote cameras (one of Andy's specialties), and the rest were photographed by myself and Andy throughout the game. Then came post-production, which like any other video or multimedia project, was the the most time consuming component of the the process. It took roughly 15 hours to build and edit the various time lapses in Final Cut Pro, and in adherence to Murphy's Law, trying to acquire licensed music that fits the final video didn't end up being a particularly easy process for us. Regardless, I think the final product came out very well, especially considering a lot of this was experimentation and very little editing time was available.  I hope you all enjoy it!

11 January 2011

The Sledding Crew

Had a blast sledding with friends one late afternoon over winter break, and snapped this photo with my phone as the sun went down. It's been a bit quiet on the blog these past few weeks, but it's because I've been busy editing several very large and time consuming projects. More to come on those soon. Anyways, I've always loved the look of winter sunsets.  I absolutely love the way the cooler colors (like the purples and magentas here) pop.

Tech Notes: unedited iPhone 4 image.  Gotta love how today's cell phones have more resolution than my D2h...